Heart Based Living Intensive

An immersive 4 day residential training course in mindfulness, heart coherence and listening spaces

Learn ways to reconnect with your own heart’s basic intelligence

 Offered as a 4-day residential course in beautiful surroundings with the support of a team of experienced facilitators, we create an immersive environment for exploring experiential practices of heart-based living. The programme is designed around the structure of everyday life and focussed upon offering practical and sustainable ways to bring awareness and heart to every aspect of living: our self-care, our care for others, our work, relationships and personal sense of connection and meaning.  Our learning is supported by daily talks, activities and workshops in which we explore the science, the application and meaning of heart-based living.

What will I learn?

This training forms an experiential introduction to practices for self resourcing and living with more heart - with each of the four days taking as it’s theme one of the ‘4 keys to the heart’:
  • exploring our relationship to rest
  • investigating & expanding our capacity for authentic happiness
  • understanding the meaning of difficulty in our lives and how best to respond to it
  • examining and revitalising our sense of connection
These are grounded in the foundations of:


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Our courses teach mindfulness as a way of connecting mind and heart and how to apply it to every aspect of life: from short practices that cultivate rest and ease, to applied practices such as walking, eating, speaking and relating.

Heart Coherence

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Heart Coherence

Heart coherence training includes a range of practices for accessing and increasing our capacity for self-regulation and positive emotion. We will explore this with the support of Heart-Rate Variability biofeedback technology, as well as how to generate and maintain our innate heart-qualities (such as gratitude, inspiration, and love) The resulting physiological wellbeing, emotional balance and mental clarity generated by this training is described as ‘coherence’.

Listening Spaces

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Listening Spaces

We will offer concrete ways to listen with our hearts rather than our heads and to open ourselves to more empathic and meaningful communication. These practices can be applied widely: in personal relationship, the workplace and in community dialogue to open up possibilities for genuine communication and understanding.

Workshops and Themes include...

  • Mindfulness practices for daily life to restore wellbeing and sustain vitality
  • Finding our way of practicing from 2 minutes of stopping to a sitting meditation practice
  • Exploring what does creating more space in life look like?

  • Accessible tools for sustaining positive emotion in daily life
  • Heart Rate Variability biofeedback training for measuring personal coherence
  • Practices for accessing inner resources for emotional balance and self-regulation
  • Listening and communication practices for strengthening relationships and responding to challenges with more empathy and connection.
  • Exploring the power of listening to enable authentic communication, connection and understanding.

  • Practices for taking care of difficult emotions and developing self-compassion
  • Tools to remain centred and resourced in challenging situations
  • Ways to develop an integrated practice of mindfulness, heart coherence and listening
  • Practices for integrating self-care and resilience in your workplace, caring roles and relationships
  • How to create a network of support for your mindfulness practice

Our course does not end on the last day...

Because we seek to build a participative and engaged community, the Heart-Based Living Intensive is designed to help participants start a lifelong journey.

Participants are supported after the residential course with 3 months worth of live online group sessions, an online community group page and access to a continued learning resources page to support an applied and integrated practice that meets the needs of individuals’ lives.

The Heart-Based Living Intensive counts as a prerequisite for our Ambassador Development Programme.

The Facilitator Team


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Upcoming Course Dates

23rd – 27th October 2019


This event now has a waiting list- please get in touch to enquire.

Venue: In the beautiful setting of Sharpham House, A Grade II listed building with wide ranging stunning views of the River Dart near Totnes, Devon. 

Arrival: 4pm Wednesday

Departure: 12pm Sunday

12th – 16th February 2020


1st – 5th July 2020

Venue: Woodbrooke Centre, Grade II listed former home of George Cadbury, with extensive grounds is situated on the edge of Bournville model village on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Arrival: 4pm Wednesday

Departure: 12pm Sunday

Booking Information

Pricing Model

We are trying to make courses accessible to a wider demographic of people by offering a flexible pricing model. This includes a sliding scale and two part instalment deposit scheme. Use the sliding scale to choose the price that you feel reflects your financial situation and choose to pay upfront or in two instalments.

Standard Price £695:

We have calculated that a price of £695 covers the costs that we pay for the venue for food & accommodation, the costs of the facilitators during the course plus the expense of the marketing, booking administration and payment services we need to use to put on the course.

Sponsored Price £495 to £695:

Please select a lower price according to what you can afford, we try to cover these extra costs through money received from single room supplements, higher payments and donors.

Higher Price £695 to £995:

If you feel you can afford to pay more than the standard price, then this enable us to continue to offer lower cost prices to those with less financial resources and to supply larger bursaries to those from lowest income brackets. It also helps us cover Heart-Based Living Initiative’s running costs (such as office rent, insurance, administration etc) so we can keep on doing what we are doing – and to grow the movement!

Deposit Scheme:

You can also choose to pay in 2 instalments with our deposit scheme: Deposit payment of 50% or full payment due on registration- the remaining instalment will be billed via email and is due 6 weeks prior to the course start date. 


To meet our mission of opening accessibility up even wider we also provide bursaries where financial resources allow to enable as many people as possible to join the course, irrespective of financial means.

If your access to financial resources do not stretch to £495 – please email us at info@heartbasedliving.org.uk from where we will send you a short bursary application form, after which will be happy to discuss what support we can offer.

In the spirit of transparency, after each course we will provide a basic overview of financial assistance that we have provided through bursaries (without identifying personal information)

Being listed buildings, our venues have a variety of accommodation options. The sliding scale payment covers the cost of shared accommodation. Shared rooms are usually twins but sometimes can be triple. While sharing can often be very beneficial to the course experience, if you prefer a single room you are able to choose a single room supplement for £200. 

Please mention on your registration form if you have any specific access, accommodation or dietary requirements.

Registration & Booking Form

Date and Location * 

Sliding Scale Payment * 

Please choose a price that reflects your financial resources:
Standard Price £695 Sponsored Price £495 to £695 Higher Price £695 to £995
Read more about the Pricing Model in the Booking Information section above

Please note: We are almost at capacity for single rooms at Shapham. Please email info@heartbasedliving.org.uk before booking if you need a single room for medical reasons or wish to discuss your options.

Please share any physical or mental health issues that you would like the course leaders to be aware of.
(All information is kept confidential)

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